“Procrastination”…  I have been told that is my middle name!  Procrastination is a patient’s demise, and I have a feeling that most patients struggle with this at some point in their treatment process – you just don’t know what to do next, and not much motivation to stay the course.  That is where I find myself today (Oct. 23, 2019).  It has been about 5 years since I first started passing significant blood in my urine, and was diagnosed with Stage 2 Bladder cancer.  The prognosis was 18 to 24 months to live”if”I did not choose to do Chemo and have my bladder removed… both of which I declined.  So I have made the 5 year survival mark doing only holistic and natural treatments.  But after a couple years of intense treatments and lifestyle adjustments, I began to slowly back off the treatments.  I am back to passing a lot of blood in my urine and other symptoms.  This is a wake up call, and my full focus will be required if I want to recover and keep living.  So I intend to write these mini “footnotes” along my healing journey.