Welcome to my Health Junky site. My name is Michael, and I am a cancer survivor in his early 70’s. This site is about my journey  from disease to health, my research the past two years, and the holistic products I am using to defeat cancer. It is my hope that  this site will educate and motivate you to take control of your health. Being a Health Junky is a matter of perspective and life-      style choices. All of us have developed a set pattern of behaviors – in short – a “routine.” However, when confronted with a           serious, and possible life-threatening disease diagnosis, our entire manner of living comes under scrutiny. For many it becomes clear that our lifestyle is the actual root cause of the disease: alcohol, tobacco and junk food are major factors in a disease such as cancer. And let’s be honest here – if you typically run to Burger King or McDonald’s for a quick meal or snack – then you are likely a Junk Food Junky.  Lab tests have shown that a Big Mac has a set of “feel good” chemicals added that develop cravings in the brain much the same way as cocaine does. So here is the dilemma which most of us face: how to undertake a lifestyle “make over” in the face of our unique circumstances, such as work, kids, health and finances. And what is the Goal ? To become a Health Junky, which is really lifestyle choices which promote good health and an overall sense of feeling good.  So… 

 Feeling Overwhelmed ?



 Perhaps you have been reading information like this for awhile and you are thinking, “…I need to change my whole lifestyle, but where the heck do I start?” Well, you are not alone my friend. Most of us “hit the wall” as they say once we begin to understand the facts and issues. We begin to see so many things we need to be doing, stop doing, and it can become rather overwhelming. 

 In some ways I am still struggling with this transformation process from disease to health. Like I said, this is a journey. So put down the soda and have a lemon water instead… and let’s get started. I have developed the habit of honest self-talk. It is important that we are honest with ourselves. I look in the mirror and ask myself, “…how far are you willing to go to get healthy and live?” Seriously – how far are YOU willing to go to keep living? What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to learn and do? Serious questions – but it cuts to the chase. Because it lays bare the heart of the matter: the root cause of our cancer is either our lifestyle, a toxic environment, or most likely a combination of both. Actually, both scenarios are within our control. We can change our lifestyle and develop new and healthy habits. And we can also do things to protect us from the damaging effects of a toxic environment: toxic air, water, soil and food.

  So Where Do I Start?



So how about we break things down some into smaller action items and goals that are easier to achieve. Remember, a cancer tumor is seldom an immediate life or death situation, and that it is the spreading of cancer that is the real threat to our lives. There are things we can do right now to slow down or even stop the spread of cancer: stop feeding the cancer! Sugar, which converts to blood glucose, is like rocket fuel to cancer cells. We need to cut off the fuel supply. Alcohol, soda pop and junk food snacks are the biggest culprits for getting a sugar fix. We can begin cutting back with the goal of replacing these things with healthier choices. The stage of the cancer will, of course, determine the urgency for making these changes. For those in early stages you likely have many months to work towards a healthy lifestyle. If you find yourself late in the game, then find a good doctor who will work with your choices, and begin making immediate changes. So here are three major areas to focus on:


  • Root cause of the cancer: my Oncologist never asked me about my lifestyle to determine what caused the cancer. The average doctor visit is 15 minutes. My Holistic Doctor has spent a lot of time over several visits to help me identify the root cause. Dealing with underlying emotional issues will take some honesty and time to resolve – but it is vital.
  • Natural, organic diet: most of us were raised on food from a box or can and eating out. Others in your household may not jump at the idea of radically changing their diet – so now you have a situation of cooking two meals instead of one. And it changes the type of food you buy, and possibly where you shop for food. You may need to learn some new cooking skills and recipes. I will share what I am learning and try to make it easier to figure out.
  • Strengthen the immune system: as stated before, only the immune system can stop the spread of cancer – not chemo or radiation. Remember, food is medicine. I will help you identify foods that are known cancer-fighters which activate the immune system. Toxins and free-radicals damage normal cells which become cancer cells. So a program of detoxification is one of the first things you should do. A Holistic doctor will help you with detox, and likely test you for heavy metals. I had high levels of lead, aluminum and some mercury. Also important is a colon cleanse since about 80% of the immune system begins in the gut. I am no fan of colonics, but they are essential when you are detoxing.

  Where’s My Smoothie?


Juicing is your first line of defense against disease, and a major offensive weapon in your fight with cancer! There are few better ways to get nutrition to your cells. There are tons of books and opinions about juicers and extractors. A good Champion extractor can cost $300 or more, but last a lifetime. And then there are a ton of juicers to pick from. For me, I choose the Magic Bullet for under $100. A juicer extracts the liquid and the pulp or fiber. Problem with discarding the fiber is the loss of important phytochemicals found in seeds, stem and skin. And fiber is essential for good digestion. The Magic Bullet grinds everything and suspends the fiber in the juice so you  get  it all. This is also known as “whole plant” nutrition, as plant fiber contains such compounds as caroteniods, flavonoids, phytosterols and isothiocyanatescaroteniods… and much more.  Some of these compounds play a role in the absorption and utilization of the vitamins and minerals we need – so you want it all!  Picture on the right is my morning smoothie in a Bullet cup.  There are some sources and books in the Juicing section of my Recipes page to get you started.  There I will also tell you about fermented kelp and also bone broth powders – amazing discoveries of nutrient dense foods.

 Cancer Prevention – A Healthy Immune System

 The battle with all diseases – especially cancer – is won or lost in your cells. Watch this short two minute video showing how the immune system fights cancer cells.   A healthy immune system routinely seeks and finds, then destroys cancer cells in all of our bodies. When a healthy cell becomes damaged it can turn into a cancer cell. Your body undergoes this process same as mine. The only difference is when the immune system becomes compromised and cancer cells are not kept in check. In my opinion the immune system is the only natural cure for cancer – just give it what it needs so it can do it’s job. Kind of sounds like some Law of Nature or something. My research has led me to discover some products, each of which stimulates immune function in different ways.

 Let’s Get Started

 While I realized there was a lot of research that I needed to do, I also wanted to get started with some basics that are essential to most cancer protocols. Those basics are detoxification and juicing.


 Our immune system works hard to eliminate toxins. Your body may have been storing toxins for years. This means the immune system is likely overwhelmed trying to purge, which in turn leaves few resources to fight cancer cells. After a good cleanse the immune system can focus all its resources on finding and destroying cancer cells. A friend told me about a book called The Cure for All Cancers, which I bought off Amazon.  Here is an excerpt from the book: “…in 1990 Dr. Clark discovered the true cause of cancer. The cause is a certain parasite, for which I have found evidence in every cancer case regardless of the type of cancer.” This is a 28 day detox and parasite cleanse using such herbs as wormwood, black walnut, cloves and a couple others. The products listed in this book can be purchased in most good health food stores. I bought mine on Amazon. This is not hard to do, but you will need to write out a schedule as the doses change. You will feel a difference, and your body will be in a much better state of health to fight the cancer. There are no restrictions on eating and drinking during this cleanse. At the same time you should begin to start juicing.

 Do I Really Have To Juice ?



Do you really want to beat cancer and get well ? I am more inclined to drink some juiced veggies or a protein rich probiotic smoothie – if someone makes it and hands it to me – and if it tastes good! But since it is just me, I have to suck it up and do the important things for myself. But regardless of your family situation or personal circumstances, this is about taking responsibility for your own health, and not expecting someone else to do it for you. Yes, your health may be such that you do need someone to take care of you to some degree. The point here is that you take responsibility, in that you do your own research and make informed decisions about how to treat your disease – then take action and/or cooperate in agreement with those decisions. Your attitude will play a large role in determining the success of your treatment and results. So yes, you need to juice. And for most that will mean learning new information and skills. As stated before, buy a Magic Bullet, as it will give you whole plant nutrition. I had little experience with juicing, so I set out to find some experts. I found Hani Vari, also known as the Food Babe. I recommend her Juice Cleanse Guide as a good place to get started.  Then I found the book Power Juicer, Super Drinks on Amazon.  While it does have recipes, it is more of an educational book. But I think the best juicing book for beginner and advanced is Juicing: 365 Days of Juicing Recipes – 227 pages with lots of pictures and how-to recipes.

 It may take some time and trial and error to get into the habit so that you actually look forward to the drinks. And with a Magic Bullet the clean up is a breeze! By the time you have completed your 28 day detox and parasite cleanse, along with daily juicing, you should be feeling much better with more energy. There is another element which is basic to your cancer treatment, and that is Essiac Tea.

 Is It Time For Tea?


Essiac Tea should be part of your core treatment protocol and, in my opinion, you should drink it the rest of your life as it also prevents a host of other adverse health conditions. In my research I found a source for the original herbal formula, and I recommend that you spend some time researching on this site where you also can purchase the tea:  http://discount-essiac-tea.com .  

 I purchase 2 – 4oz. packages of the complete 8 herb formula at a cost of about $25 for a month’s supply. One package makes 4 quarts which lasts about 2 weeks. I do not strain the tea but choose to get the benefit from the whole plant. Yes it is a little gritty this way, but it is life saving. And the taste is rather yuk, but you get used to it. I chase the tea with a good tasting kefir. This needs to become a daily ritual. The site where I buy the tea has lots of educational and treatment information. The stage of your cancer determines how much of the tea you should be drinking daily. As you make progress you can slowly scale down, but remember to continue a daily maintenance dose and do not stop. This tea does many things, but in regards to cancer, it promotes “apoptosis” or cell death – which is a normal metabolic process which cancer cells have turned off in order to propagate and spread. We will talk more about apoptosis as it is one of the most important functions in cancer remission.

OK – Done All That – Now What ?

 So far the changes have not been too hard. I did the 28 day detox and parasite cleanse, started juicing, and I drink my Essiac Tea every day. But doing all this will not get the desired results if we continue to eat the typical commercial diet and consume large amounts of sugar which is in most every packaged product. It is time to look at our diet and get mentally prepared to make significant changes. Remember, our attitude plays a big role here. I look in the mirror and ask myself, “are you prepared to do whatever it takes to keep living?” Even though I feel good right now, I have to remind myself constantly that I have a metabolic disease called Cancer – even if I am in remission. Why? Because cancer never really goes completely away – damaged cells continue to morph into cancer cells – and a super charged immune system maintains the upper hand and keeps the cancer in check. So here is a guiding principle: Food Is Medicine. Remember that when you are shopping for food in the store, or ordering in a restaurant. No one said this was going to be easy. But if Mr. Meat and Potatoes here can do it, so can you! There are plenty of community level resource groups to help with diet and nutrition that do not cost money. But I highly recommend that you find a good holistic Naturopathic doctor, who likely will have a nutritionist working in their clinic. They will do some basic tests to determine your Ph level, blood type and identify any food sensitivities. The goal here is to identify and eliminate foods that are toxic and damage your cells, and consume food that feed and nourish your cells. Because food is a cornerstone of any comprehensive cancer protocol, it requires a dedicated section which is here on the Diet page.

 Plant-Based, Nutrient-Dense Supplements