When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in February, 2015, I was referred to an Oncologist who, of course, recommended that I immediately start a round of Chemo, then have my bladder removed, followed by more Chemo. He also told me that, after all of those procedures, that I had a 50/50 chance of living beyond 2 years. Great odds, you think ? I had started researching medical marijuana and cannabis oil for treating cancer, so I asked him about it. He replied that “…there is absolutely no scientific evidence that cannabis has any effect in treating cancer.” That blew me away because I had already found a large body of scientific evidence which suggests the opposite. This page will be dedicated to sharing my research, including my experience as I have been taking cannabis oil since January of 2016. If you or a loved one have cancer, I encourage you to set aside some time to watch the videos I post and follow the research links. Cannabis oil has thousands of success stories, but is being suppressed by Big Pharma and the FDA/DEA because it threatens 100+ billion dollar cancer industry. Always follow the money…

The most compelling evidence of THC’s ability to kill tumor cells comes from a time-lapse video taken with a microscope over a period of 20 hours. The video shows the cannabinoid killing actual human tumor cells from an active tumor (on the right) and leaving healthy cells (on the left) alone.

If you decide to use cannabis oil (CO) as part of your cancer protocol, be very careful about your source. Any CBD or Hemp Oil that you can buy online is NOT therapeutic cannabis oil. Currently any CBD oil you can purchase online does not contain THC which is the main compound that attacks cancer cells. Due to legal constraints, medical marijuana is only available in certain states. Sadly, there are 1,000’s who live in states where CO is still not legal, but who choose to use CO and remain “illegally alive” rather than undergo conventional cancer therapies, which have a failed track record. This, in my opinion, is a personal choice based upon a higher “moral law,” in that Life is a gift from our Creator, and we have a responsibility to use all reasonable means to maintain our life, rather than blindly obey a “for-profit” driven law which only benefit large corporations. This, of course, is my opinion. To illustrate the hypocrisy of current marijuana laws in this country, the US government has both admitted that cannabis kills cancer, and has also filed a US patient (No. 6,630,507) for cannabis oil as a treatment for cancer.  If you want help with any cannabis oil questions, I recommend that you check out the Facebook group “Cannabis Oil Success Stories“. This is a closed group of over 84K folks, but you can request to join. Here you will get knowledgeable answers to cannabis oil questions, and links to many resources.


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